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It used to be that after age 40, when the need for reading glasses increases, your only options for reading menus and other things at close proximity was glasses or bifocals. Today, Dr. C. Gene Wilkins in Cypress, California, offers multifocal contacts at his optometry practice for adults who want to see clearly up close and far away. Find out if multifocal contacts are right for you. Call Dr. C. Gene Wilkins, Optometrist to schedule a comprehensive eye exam or use the online booking tool.

Multifocal Contacts Q & A

What are multifocal contacts?

Multifocal lenses function as bifocal glasses or progressive lenses in that they allow you to see clearly at multiple distances. Bifocal contacts have two distinct lens powers based on your prescription so you can see far away and up close to read. Multifocal contacts are somewhat like progressive glasses in that they gradually change power within the lens for a natural transition between distance, close-up, and midrange vision clarity.

Dr. Wilkins offers the convenience of brand new one-day multifocal contacts, so you can wear a new pair of disposable lenses each day without the hassle of caring for them and storing them in a case.

Am I a good candidate for multifocal contacts?

After age 40, presbyopia — the inability to focus close-up becomes more prevalent. People who may have never had a vision problem now have difficulty looking at their phones or reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. Even if you already wear contacts or glasses to see far away, you may notice a gradual change in your vision as you try to focus up close.

If either is the case, you may be a good candidate for multifocal contact lenses. If you don’t want to depend on putting reading glasses on and off each time you want to see up close, multifocal contacts might be right for you. Additionally, if you currently wear contacts to see far away and wear reading glasses with your contacts to see up close, multifocal contacts may be an ideal solution.

What are the advantages of one-day multifocal contacts?

One-day multifocal contacts offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Better vision for a wider range of distances from near to far
  • Ability to see clearly in most conditions without the need for glasses
  • Convenience of wearing a brand new pair of contacts each day

Although there may be somewhat of an adjustment period for your eyes to adapt to multifocal contacts, once you get adjusted, you can enjoy the benefits of seeing clearly without the hassle of multiple pairs of glasses.

If reading up close has recently become challenging and you’re over 40, call the office for a complete eye exam. You can also use the booking tool to schedule online.